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6 Advantages of Renting From a Temporary Heating Specialist

Written by Babfar on . Posted in News

Companies, pressured to get bigger and bigger, often use acquisitions as a growth strategy. This is true in the temporary heating industry, too. There have been acquisitions, such as Tioga’s purchase of Reliable Air or Sunbelt Rentals picking up Topp Portable Air. Recently, it was announced that Temp-Air was also purchased by Sunbelt Rentals.  That’s fine by us and by our customers. For 50 years, we have been the temporary heating specialist offering many contractor services. For a number of reasons, customers have come to (and stayed with) BABFAR, including:


Customers don’t use an online calculator or brochure to make heater recommendations based on a structure’s square footage. There are many more factors to consider. So, BABFAR technicians visit customer sites and make informed recommendations that will generate adequate heat and, through positive pressurization, ensure an air change to keep humidity and carbon monoxide levels to a minimum.


Without investing the time in proper planning, companies will quickly recommend more temporary heating units. Instead, we help customers leverage the physics of airflow to distribute heat evenly throughout their structure. This means we can right-size temporary heater recommendations and keep rental and fuel costs to a minimum.


What we learn while touring customer sites helps to ensure heater installation and setup goes smoothly and safely. We anticipate changes during their projects up front, to minimize delays down the road, and save customers time and money.


Our temporary heaters are not designed to generate the most margin. They’re designed to generate and distribute heat. Period. Combining the highest discharge temperature and cubic-feet-per minute output, one BABFAR temporary heater can do the work of several competing heaters.


Often, new BABFAR customers are surprised at the level of support they receive. Questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. They don’t expect our preventative maintenance visits, either—but quickly learn to appreciate them. Every touch point is personal and responsive. BABFAR even puts the owner’s phone number on the temporary heating units!


Because we are solely focused on heaters, our service trucks have all the spare parts needed. So, if customers ever have a problem with a unit, we can get it up and running immediately. We won’t have to order parts or make extra trips to pick up parts from our warehouse.

So, while other companies are focused on getting bigger, BABFAR will keep focusing on customers. That’s the only metric that matters to us. It shows in everything we do. Name another company that puts the owner’s phone number on its equipment! So, contact BABFAR for your temporary heating rentals today.


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