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BABFAR Supplies Heaters After the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Fire

Written by Babfar on . Posted in News

After a fire broke out in the transformer room on February 7th, 2023, in the early morning hours at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital in Massachusetts, patients and staff were forced to evacuate the building. Soon after, to prioritize patient health and well-being, surgical procedures were canceled. 

When a contractor working on a local construction project was concerned about the dangers the fire posed to the construction site, they contacted their BABFAR temporary heating sales representative. Kurt, BABFAR’s sales executive, headed to the site, and upon his arrival, he was able to assess the situation.

He discovered that the hospital was without power and desperately needed a temporary heating solution – plus, the hospital itself was looking for a larger solution to put heat into the entire hospital. That’s when BABFAR got to work planning a solution that would work for everyone!

The Quick Response to the Brockton Fire     

Hospital administrators called BABFAR in because, with no power, they could not get their boilers online. Kurt went to the site and calculated the placement and sizing to determine the most efficient and necessary heaters.

BABFAR personnel jumped into action, preparing three units, and shipped them the same day as the incident. Their quick response ensured the heaters were online by the following day.

How BABFAR, Eastern Propane, and Milton Cat Averted Disaster

After assessing the situation, BABFAR personnel worked endlessly to implement a plan. With the help of two other local Massachusetts companies (Eastern Propane and Milton Cat), they worked together to complete setting up the units the night of the fire. BABFAR provided three 4.5 million BTU liquid propane heaters. They also contacted Eastern Propane to see how quickly they could respond and provide help. Plus, in the meantime, the hospital was working on getting their boilers back up since all the work was running off of enormous generators supplied by Milton Cat.

Eastern Propane was able to provide the propane tanks, and large generators were shipped in to supply a power source. This kept water lines from freezing and provided ventilation to the hospital to get the smoke and soot out of the space. 

The units were in place for a month while they eventually got the boilers back up and running. BABFAR remained on-site and on standby as a precaution during the freezing nights in case they needed to run the units to supplement the heat and keep waterlines or materials from freezing.

BABFAR Sends a Huge Thank You to All Parties Involved!

We would like to thank Eastern Propane, Milton Cat, and Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital personnel for their help in making these efforts possible. We would also like to thank Brockton Fire for the strong relationship we’ve built with them through the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts (FPAM). Because the inspectors were familiar with us and our heating equipment, we could move quickly and get the most optimal solution in place. 

If you have an emergency that requires temporary heating solutions, contact BABFAR today.


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