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Temporary Heating is the ONLY thing we do.  We are the experts.   Our heaters, known in the industry as “BABFARS”, have earned an impressive reputation for economy and reliability.  Our service personnel have only one item to worry about, and that is your heater.  BABFAR focuses solely on temporary heating rentals unlike some of our competitors.  This means all of our focus is on your heating needs.  We concentrate only on heaters so that our service personnel can quickly fix any problems that may arise and have you back on line in hours, not days. POSITIVE PRESSURE SYSTEM Our positive pressure system is designed to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants creating a cleaner air zone.  The results from use of our system are superior. Most noticeable are more uniform temperatures, lower operating costs, a reduction in Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide, and elimination of moisture generated by heaters burning fuel inside an enclosure. By using our system the enclosure will receive a constant fresh air change based upon the heaters A.C.F.M. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Our system is designed to provide fresh hot air with less than 10 parts of carbon monoxide per million parts of air as per test results performed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Occupational Hygiene. The atmosphere within an enclosure heated with our equipment meets all federal standards. The air that the heater is supplying is fresh from the outside. This reduces the heavy build-up of Carbon Monoxide generated by heaters operating in a closed environment. A new industry standard was achieved with the introduction of pressurization – taking fresh outside air, heating it, and forcing it through a duct into the building. The BABFAR system pressurizes the enclosure and distributes heat evenly throughout the building. RELIABLE TEMPERATURE OUTPUT Our heaters are designed to provide a constant 225º F discharge regardless of the outside air temperature. The heaters automatically adjust the fuel flow to the variable BTU burner as the outside air temperature changes. FUELS Our heaters can use a variety of fuels. Liquid LP gas, high pressure natural gas, low pressure natural gas, fuel oil, steam or hot water. Our standard heater burner is designed to handle liquid LP gas eliminating the need for vaporizers and extensive piping. A Word about Propane Vaporizers Most industry heaters use vaporizers which are used to change the state of propane from a Liquid to a Vapor.  These vaporizers burn your propane for this process.  Our heaters do not require vaporizers!  You should not have to burn additional propane to supply your heaters with propane.  There is no need for a vaporizer with a liquid withdraw heater such as BABFAR supplies. Many vaporizers burn up to two gallons of propane per hour.  In a 16-week heating season one vaporizer can burn up to 5,300 gallons of propane. That is a tremendous added expense to your project.  By using a BABFAR heater that expense is vaporized! See for yourself from this vaporizer brochure DELIVERY and PICK UP BABFAR uses its own trucks and its own drivers to guarantee on-time deliveries and pick-ups.  This allows BABFAR to provide our clients with a level of service that is unparalleled.
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