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Bruce Berry

BABFAR Employee Spotlight: Bruce Berry, Vice President

Written by Babfar on . Posted in News

 At BABFAR, we’re committed to customer care, and each day we strive to raise the bar in the temporary heating industry. Our dedication to our clients sets us apart from the competition, as each of our employees remains focused on customer needs unlike any other provider on the market. As a family-owned company, we also take pride in our reputation, and we only onboard team members who align with our goals and future visions.With that in mind, we are posting an Employee Spotlight series. Here, we’ll feature one of the valued members of our team and give you a chance to get to know them and the talents they bring to our operation. We know that a team that grows and expands is also one that thrives. We want to continue to grow that trust and loyalty with our customers to exceed expectations.

Today we introduce Bruce Berry, Vice President

 Bruce Berry, VP, is a Customer Service Specialist for BABFAR. As the office manager, he is all about making sure every customer receives the top-notch service they deserve. He goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer is happy with our products and our services. Whether he is solving customer complaints or ensuring the deliveries and pickups are going as planned, he represents BABFAR in the best possible light. He enjoys working with family at BABFAR and appreciates that everyone on the team has a specific role, and they each perform it exceptionally well.Bruce was born and raised in Massachusetts, so he is very familiar with the heating needs of the Northeast. He is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with his family and he believes BABFAR has the best employees around. He believes that BABFAR is an incredible company to work for and he is thankful to be part of the team.Before landing at BABFAR, Bruce attended Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, where he received his degree in Communications. After graduating, he tried his hand in multiple industries, but in the end he decided to put his customer service skills to work for the family at BABFAR. He is able to incorporate the knowledge he gained at Northeastern into his daily work life as he effectively communicates with customers and with the team.Some of his strengths are his energetic personality and his amazing ability to communicate, which both make him a very successful Customer Service Specialist. Whether he’s working with new customers, conversing with current customers, or problem solving with unhappy customers, Bruce is a true professional through and through.In the future, Bruce is excited to be a part of BABFAR’s growth. He believes that due to their great service and excellent products, BABFAR is sure to expand beyond its current territory.Bruce has his eye on success and he knows BABFAR can help him achieve his dreams.


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