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Buyers’ Guide to Propane Tank Size Configuration

Written by Babfar on . Posted in News

Are your construction site propane heaters sized properly? One of the first things to consider is the size of the building. This initial assessment will influence the construction logistics and determine the correct heater size and type for the job site. Subsequently, the size of the propane tank becomes an essential factor to consider.

It’s critical to understand that tank size and placement play an important role, regardless of the type of propane withdrawal. For example, while vapor heaters might seem like the right choice, they often require more storage. This is why we typically recommend liquid propane heaters, offering a tailored solution for the job site. 

If you need guidance determining how to heat your site correctly, this guide will help you gain the insight needed to make informed decisions about propane tank size, types of withdrawal tanks, optimal placement strategies, and the many benefits of selecting the right heater for your construction needs.

Determining What Size Heaters Are Needed for Your Site

Two main factors are used to determine which heaters are right for the project. Size and the type of enclosure, which could be temporarily enclosed with poly and no windows or more permanently enclosed. When we talk about size, always look at the cubic footage of the space that requires heating and the building design to size the heater(s).

This calculation must be precise to maximize efficiency and ensure the equipment heats the site effectively. You may need a heating specialist to review these calculations before renting your temporary heater model.

Tank Placement Requirements

After determining what size heater you need for your construction site, consider the tank placement requirements and the space needed on the job site. For example, different size tanks require a specific placement to ensure the proper distance between the building and the source of the ignition (the heater).

A propane tank vaporization table helps you determine the vaporization rate — the amount of propane gas available for vapor-withdrawal heating systems. A propane tank is affected by how full the tank is and the ambient temperature.

The table shows the BTU per hour capability of propane tanks and how it decreases as the heater uses propane and in colder temperatures. Use this data to determine the appropriate propane heater size and configuration.

Benefits of BABFAR Propane Construction Heaters

BABFAR offers temporary propane heaters for large construction sites that ensure every square foot gets the heat needed to maintain site temps. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing BABFAR as your source of temporary heating:

Eliminates the Need for Vaporizers

BABFAR heaters are designed to withdraw liquid propane, eliminating the need for vaporizers. These heaters also allow for smaller tank sizes. The only determination regarding tank size for a BABFAR heater is how often your supplier can fuel the tanks.

Even if you don’t use a vaporizer and try to run off the vapor withdrawal tanks, you must consider tank storage and vaporization rates. With a BABFAR heating system, you don’t have to.

Reduces Fuel Costs

How do you overlook fuel costs? Vaporizers cost money to rent and operate. With a BABFAR system, you don’t need a vaporizer to run your heating unit.

Not only does this reduce fuel costs, but BABFAR temporary heaters are also simple to hook up. That means you will save on labor costs for installation.

Self-Vaporizing Burner Guns

The self-vaporizing burner gun lets you get the most out of your propane tank and saves you money by utilizing smaller tanks. We use small liquid propane tanks and self-vaporizing burner guns to get every BTU out of the tank.

Finding the Best Propane Tank Size Configuration

Heating your construction site requires precise calculations. To ensure you stay within the project’s budget and maximize profits, you may want to speak to an expert to find the best propane tank size configuration. At BABFAR, we take a tailored approach. Let our trained specialists do this legwork for you.

Contact us to see how we can meet your temporary heating rental needs today.


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