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Temporary Heater Models

When it comes to temporary heating rentals, nobody does it better than BABFAR. In the industry, BABFAR is synonymous with reliability and value, and we take great pride in setting the standard for what a temporary heater should be.Benefits of Our Temporary Heater ModelsThe quality of our heater equipment speaks for itself. That’s why they are affectionately referred to as BABFAR’S in the field. Here is a look at some of the features you will find in BABFAR temporary heaters that make them stand above the competition:
  • Positive Pressure System — This is a unique system that works to cut back on the number of airborne contaminants that make their way through the heaters, helping to keep your air cleaner.
  • Fresh Air Supply — Our temporary heaters are carefully designed to work with the fresh outdoor air, which cuts back on the amount of carbon monoxide build up that is often found with heaters that operate using indoor air.
  • Reliable Temperature Control — No matter what the outside temperature is, our temporary heating rentals will keep the space at a comfortable and constant 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
Types of Temporary HeatersAt BABFAR, we offer temporary heating rentals that use a variety of fuel types:
  • Natural Gas — Our natural gas heaters are available in both high-pressure and low-pressure systems and are suitable for all room sizes—even up to 2.5 million cubic feet—with the BTUs ranging from 390,000 BTU up to 4,500,000 BTU. Natural gas is a popular option because the fuel supply is constant, and the fuel is relatively inexpensive.
  • Propane Gas — We have three propane gas heaters available with as much as 990,000 BTU, which can keep a space up to 500,000 cubic feet warm. Propane gas heaters are extremely versatile and popular in mobile situations.
  • Liquid Propane — This is our most popular fuel type in our temporary heaters, and unlike many other liquid propane heaters, ours do not require any vaporizing or extensive piping. Vaporizers are a huge waste of fuel, so we designed our liquid propane heaters to eliminate this need and save you money. Our liquid propane heaters can heat up to 2.5 million cubic feet using 4,500,000 BTU.
  • Steam/Hot Water/Indirect Fired Heaters — The ability to use steam or hot water can greatly reduce fuel costs, yet, in the right application, the heaters can still heat an impressive 2.5 million cubic feet.
Why Choose BABFAR for Temporary Heating

Each fuel type has its own pros and cons, and as your temporary heating specialists, we will help you determine which one is the best for your unique situation. We will provide you with a customized temporary heating solution that will provide you the greatest value for your heating needs. To learn more about any of our temporary heating solutions, contact us now.

AH Series
Length (inch)608486130
Weight (lbs)4508801,2001,200
ACFM (Blower)1,8005,0009,00012,000
Input BTU/hr(max)390,000990,0001,500,0002,000,000
DF-BG Series (1.8-9)
ModelDF 1.8 BGDF 4 BGDF 6 BGDF 9 BG
Weight (lbs) Approximate400 lbs.1,100 lbs.1,600 lbs.2,200 lbs.
Maximum BTU’s380,000750,0001,350,0001,800,000
Discharge Temperature225º225º225º225º
Natural Gas High PressureNAYesYesYes
Natural Gas Low PressureNANAYesYes
Liquid PropaneYesYesYesYes
Motor H.P.1335
Phase11 or 31 or 33
Minimun Breaker30 amp.30 amp.30 amp.30 amp.
Duct Size10″16″18″24″
DF-BG Series (11-21)
ModelDF 11 BGDF 17 BGDF 21 BG
Weight (lbs) Approximate2,500 lbs.3,900 lbs.4,500 lbs.
Maximum BTU’s2,300,0003,800,0004,500,000
Discharge Temperature225º225º225º
Natural Gas High Pressure Yes Yes Yes
Natural Gas Low Pressure Yes Yes Yes
Liquid Propane Yes Yes Yes
Motor H.P.57 1/210
Minimun Breaker30 amp.40/30 amp.40/30 amp.
Duct Size24″32″32″
Steam and Hot Water Heaters
ModelDS-21 SteamDS-21 Hot Water
Weight8100 lbs.8100 lbs.
Maximum BTU4,500,0004,500,000
Motor HP2020
Minimum Breaker60/40 amp60/40 amp
Duct Size32″32″
Indirect Fired Heaters
ModelIDF 2T
Maximum BTU500,000
Discharge Temperature250º F
Natural GasN/A
Fuel OilYes
Motor H.P.3
Voltage220 Volts
Min Breaker30 amp
Duct Size12″
Model CFM Motor HPPhase/ VoltageSpiral Duct Size
AM-22,00011ph 110 volt10″
AM-44,00031ph 220 3ph 220/48016″
AM-66,00051ph 220 3ph 220/48018″
AM-99,00051ph 220 3ph 220/48024″
AM-1111,00053ph 220/48024″
AM-1717,0007.53ph 220/48032″
AM-2121,000103ph 220/48032″
AM-2424,000153ph 220/48032″