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Use the Total Cost of Renting (TCR) when Shopping Temporary Heaters

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It’s springtime! Though winter recently ended, contractors have already started shopping for temporary heating units for next winter.

Typically, shopping involves collecting and comparing rental quotes from different vendors. But, rental costs only represent the cost of getting temporary heating units on site. Contractors may also find that “low-cost” temporary heater rentals cost more in the long run. For a true cost comparison, contractors should consider costs that occur during the entire rental period, which can represent 85% to 90% of total costs!

Preventative Maintenance Gives Katz Group Peace of Mind

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This past winter was the first time Katz Group used Babfar temporary heating units. The developer needed large units to heat a three-story, 15,000 ft2 building in Portsmouth, NH. As with all projects, Babfar calculated the heating requirements, sized units, and planned airflow to heat the entire building effectively.

Six Simple Steps That Save Time and Money on Heater Rental Returns

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Temporary Heater Delivery At Babfar, we don’t wait for Punxsutawney Phil to tell us when spring is coming. When our phones are ringing off the hook, we know! This winter has been a long one. We have battled nor‘easters and endured cold winter temperatures well beyond the spring equinox. But, warm weather is coming. And when it does, contractors will want temporary heating units off their site, ASAP! We like to pick up units quickly, too. Unfortunately, issues that could easily be avoided often cause delays. We prefer to avoid these delays and avoid charging customers to re-schedule pick-up. So we created a list of six, simple things to do before loading day that will save you time and money:

Contractor’s Checklist: 5 Services Temporary Heating Companies Should Provide

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Temporary Heater Mechanic Choosing a temporary heater is not an apples-to-apples comparison. Nor is choosing a temporary heating company. Just as different heaters offer different levels of performance, rental companies offer different levels of service. Some temporary heater rental companies will only deliver the equipment. Others will provide valuable services that save you time and money (and a lot of headaches). What should you look for? When making comparisons, add these five services to your checklist:

BABFAR Employee Spotlight – Dale Lambirth, Service Manager

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Dale Lambirth At BABFAR, we’re committed to customer care, and each day we strive to raise the bar in the temporary heating industry. Our dedication to our clients sets us apart from the competition, as each of our employees remains focused on customer needs unlike any other provider on the market. As a family-owned company, we also take pride in our reputation, and we only onboard team members who align with our goals and future visions.
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