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Temporary Heater Rentals in Rhode Island

Did you know the operating expenses for a temporary heater rental cost more than the temporary heating equipment itself?

Operating expenses comprise 80 to 85 percent of a temporary heater rental, but the BABFAR heater itself only adds 5 to 10 percent to the total bill.

That’s why BABFAR works with you to comprehensively assess your temporary heating needs. With your requirements in mind, BABFAR will help you plan for an energy and cost-efficient temporary heater rental.

Planning for a Rhode Island Temporary Heater Rental

Planning your Rhode Island temporary heater rental should not just focus on cost alone.

At BABFAR, we see your heating rental needs as a project and not merely a product. We take into account the amount of space you will be heating, what type of event or site you’re accommodating, the type of fuel that works best for your project, and many other aspects. BABFAR’s experienced service team will guide you to the most cost-efficient heating equipment available and help you determine what sort of temporary heating package works best for you.

BABFAR is a full-service temporary heater rental company that will work with you from the beginning of your project to its end. We can customize your project, including the model of heater and type of fuel you will use. We deliver the heater equipment and will maintain it through the lifespan of your rental.

What Temporary Heater Rental in RI Costs Should You Prepare For?

You don’t want any surprise expenditures, so we will walk you through what you can expect from the Total Cost of Renting (TCR).

Safety Codes

Every municipality has different safety codes for various pieces of heating equipment. For example, some temporary heaters need to be isolated from the worksite. Other codes regulate the type of piping that can be used for connections. Often, plumbing inspectors, electrical inspectors, and state inspectors must be contacted.


The type of fuel used (propane, oil, natural gas) and at what rate the fuel is consumed, adds to the heater’s operational costs. Also, whether or not the unit needs extra equipment like propane vaporizers or natural gas boosters adds to the expense.


BABFAR technicians service and maintain the best heating equipment regularly and are on call 24/7 in the event of an emergency. We are so dedicated to our clientele and our service agreement that we give you our Director’s cellphone number just to make sure you are taken care of.

The Finest Temporary Heater Rental Equipment in RI

BABFAR has been in operation since 1969. We are prepared for every temporary heater rental in Rhode Island.

We offer a variety of heating equipment, such as:

  • Liquid Propane: Heaters designed without vaporizers for more cost and energy efficiency.
  • Natural Gas: Heaters good for any sized room – plus, an easily available and inexpensive fuel source.
  • Propane Gas: An excellent fit for mobile needs.

With over 50 years of experience, BABFAR will know which temporary heater rental services are right for you.

Request a quote from BABFAR for your Rhode Island temporary heater rental.