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Boston Construction Projects

With 50 years under our belt, it is hard for us to navigate through Boston without going by a building we haven’t heated. From large projects such as the Convention Center and the Warrior Ice Arena in the Boston Landing Complex to One Dalton and the Prudential, we have been the city’s go-to temporary heating company time and time again. The tunnels and bridges that carry you to and from central Boston have all been heated by BABFAR. Including the Big Dig and Chelsea Street Bridge, our team has always found heating solutions to projects, big or small.

High-Quality Equipment

With our headquarters situated 20 miles out of Boston, we consider this city our backyard. BABFAR chooses high-quality heating equipment to serve temporary heating needs and the uniqueness of Boston allows us to put it to great use. The reason being is that gas pressure in the city is typically held within 4” water column; just shy of a ¼ pound of pressure. The units we use for the area can run on these low pressures and yet can still provide heat when you need it. Although all competitor units will run with products that require higher pressure such as 14” water columns, they will not produce the same heat as outside temperatures drop. 

Millennium Tower

A key feature of BABFAR is our tailored approach to expert sizing and setup. Even though we heat many spaces with the same cubic foot of space inside, not all buildings are the same. The way the airflow leads and the unique design a building has is taken into consideration by our sales team to make sure we provide the correct solution. A great example is the Millennium Tower where special consideration was required. The lower floors of this iconic residential location were finished; however, the top 26 stories needed a different approach than the rest of the building. BABFAR provided heat through pressurization systems, feeding a low volume of air to each apartment. After looking at options to distribute the heat on the upper floors, we chose to use the stair pressurizing systems to pump heat into stairways which allowed us to heat the upper floors effectively and efficiently.

Professional Experience

It is clear that the temporary heating specialists at BABFAR are experts in the industry. We are a business built on flawless customer service, cost-saving systems, and dedication to the project at hand. Over the last 50 years, BABFAR has proved to be the go-to temporary heating company in Boston. From one end of the city to the other, it is easy to find a building that has been provided heat from our team. BABFAR provides temporary heater rentals, air mover rentals, contractor services, and more to ensure your Boston location is backed by advanced technology and quality heating equipment.

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Sampling of BABFAR Projects Over the Last 10 Years

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