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Temporary Heater Rentals in Maine

The average temperature during the winter in Maine is around 25° F, making reliable heat for your business, not a luxury, but a necessity. BABFAR offers temporary heater rental in Maine, all of which are accompanied with dependable service, speedy delivery, and top-notch equipment. With a wide variety of temporary rental heaters available, we can work with you to meet your business’s specific heating needs.

Choosing the Right Temporary Heating Service

Your location, budget, and building size can all impact the rental heater best suited for your business. There are various factors to consider when choosing an appropriate temporary heater rental, and we have highly trained team members to guide you through the process. Here are the top three things we consider when analyzing the heating needs of your building.

  • Fuel — The fuel you use may depend on where you live and the availability. For example, natural gas is currently only available in larger Maine cities. We are knowledgeable about the availability of types of fuel in your area and can inform you of your options, and how they best fit within your budget.
  • Capacity — The size of your building impacts the capacity required of your temporary heater rental. During our quoting process, we assess your building’s size, insulation type, and layout to match you with the appropriate heating system.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Service — We offer support and continuous service to all our temporary rental heater customers.

Temporary Heater Rental Models

At BABFAR, we pride ourselves on quality. That is why we guarantee that our temporary heater rentals are the best you can find. What makes our temporary heater solutions so great?

  • Positive Pressure System — We utilize this system to limit airborne contaminants that move through heaters to ensure the cleanest air possible.
  • Fresh Air Supply — We design our temporary heaters to work with the fresh outdoor air, limiting the buildup of carbon monoxide.
  • Reliable Temperature Control — Our systems self-regulate and adjust themselves as necessary to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature. Temperature control is a highly beneficial quality of a temporary heater rental in Maine, due to the constant fluctuation of the weather.

BABFAR—The Reliable Source for Temporary Heater Rentals in Maine

BABFAR understands the unique heating demands of Maine’s variable climate and the availability of different types of fuels. To ensure customer satisfaction, and to provide the absolute best temporary heater rental in Maine, we follow a BABFAR philosophy of responsibility and action.

  • Analysis and Design — Through industry expertise and experience, we design a customized temporary heating solution that fits the unique needs of your building.
  • Quality — Our top-notch temporary heating equipment surpasses the industry standards.
  • Service — To ensure customer excellence, we provide 24-hour availability and service.
  • Preventative Maintenance — Our technicians will stop regularly to check on the heaters to make sure they stay running efficiently to prevent any downtime.

Contact us today for more information on temporary heater rental in Maine.