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Temporary Heater Rentals in Massachusetts

If you need a temporary heater rental in Massachusetts, whether it is for a large construction project or smaller renovation, you want assurance that your equipment provides reliable and consistent heating at any temperature. Many companies struggle with the issue of low-pressure natural gas lines in the Boston, MA area. At BABFAR, our temporary heaters can run on gas pressures as low as 4″ water column and will not require additional equipment like gas boosters.

Regardless of the size of the area you want to heat, it is important to select the right construction heater for your temporary heating needs.


When choosing the right type of temporary heater rental in MA, there are several factors to consider.

  • Capacity – The size of the space you are trying to heat will determine the size of the heating unit you require. Our temporary heaters can power as much as 2.5 million cubic feet of space and generate up to 4.5 million BTUs.
  • Fuel – Our rental heater units use a variety of different fuels depending on your heating needs and operating budget. We have temporary heating equipment that use natural or propane gas, liquid propane, and hot water.
  • 24-Hour Customer Service – It is essential that you consult with a technical expert who can advise you on the best heating solution. Our experienced team provides timely delivery of your heating equipment. We also provide ongoing maintenance of your equipment for the duration of your rental with our contractor heating services.


We offer several types of temporary heating options depending on your needs. Each heater model offers different advantages and specifications, depending on the fuel type, the installation method, and its capacity to heat a space. All of our commercial and construction heaters use a positive pressure system and rely on fresh air supply to reduce airborne contaminants. Our heating equipment ensures a comfortable temperature regardless of the outdoor weather, an important consideration in MA winters. Regardless of the outside temperature, our BABFAR heaters will run at a consistent 225 degrees.

  • Vapor Propane – This is a popular option as the fuel can heat large spaces and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Propane Gas – A good choice for smaller applications, our propane gas heaters can heat most spaces.
  • Liquid Propane – Unlike other liquid propane heaters, our customized heaters do not require vaporizers or extensive piping, which saves you money.
  • Steam/Hot Water – These BABFAR propane heaters can greatly reduce fuel costs while still maintaining the ability to heat large spaces.


BABFAR is an industry leader in temporary heater rentals in MA. We can help you find a customized heating solution that provides the right heating needs for your project.

If you need a temporary heater rental in Massachusetts, contact BABFAR today.