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Temporary Heater Rentals in Connecticut

If you are in need of a temporary heating source, it is essential that you find the best quality heating equipment that can deliver efficient operation and subsequent cost savings. Your temporary heating vendor should place emphasis on on-time delivery, white-glove service, and customer satisfaction. If your small, medium, or large business is looking for a temporary heater rental, BABFAR can help.

Finding the Right Temporary Heater Rental in CT

If your construction site or business needs a temporary heater rental, whether it is because of renovation or an unexpected outage, consider the following factors as you choose both a model and a vendor:

  • Fuel Type. There are many different types of heater fuel, such as steam, natural gas, liquid propane, and propane gas. Each will affect the price and operating expenses based on the availability of the fuel itself or your required size.
  • The cubic footage of the space you are trying to heat will dictate the capacity of the unit you need. Our temporary heaters can power as much as 2.5 million cubic feet of space and go up to 4.5 million BTUs.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Customer Service. Once you decide the right heater model and size, it is imperative to work with a temporary heater rental company that is experienced and can provide advice about the right heating equipment for your space, arrange a speedy delivery, and help to maintain it efficiently.

Temporary Heaters CT – Models and Capacity

When shopping for temporary heaters, Connecticut businesses turn to BABFAR because of our diverse selection, availability, and ability to provide the best customer service. By choosing one of our temporary heater rentals, CT businesses can reap several benefits, including:

  • Fresh Air Supply. BABFAR temporary heater models use the outdoor air supply to prevent carbon monoxide buildup that could affect worker or customer safety.
  • Reliable Temperature Control. Our rental heater models are efficient in operation and are maintained by qualified workers, which means that your temporary heater will maintain a constant temperature inside the building, no matter what the temperature reads outside.
  • Positive Pressure Systems. Our temporary heater models help keep your air cleaner by reducing the number of airborne particles that can get into the heater and subsequently affect air quality.

Each type of temporary heater BABFAR offers has different advantages and specifications, ranging from the kind of fuel it uses, the installation method it requires, and its capacity to heat a space. Our technical team can work with you to find the best temporary heating solution for your home or business.

Temporary Heater Rental CT – No One Does it Better Than BABFAR

BABFAR has proudly served the businesses and homes of Connecticut since 1969, providing our customers with the highest level of services and best models available in temporary heating for 50 years. When you partner with BABFAR, you can expect:

  • An analysis of your property and design of your total temporary heating solution.
  • Preventative maintenance and service of all equipment.
  • The highest quality heating equipment available on the market.
  • Emergency service available 24/7 and a commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Do you need a temporary heater in CT? Get in touch with the experts at BABFAR today.