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Temporary Indirect Fired Oil Heaters

At BABFAR, we appreciate the time and effort you put into planning your special event and understand that a successful function often comes down to the fine details—both big and small. So, when it comes to renting temporary, portable heaters for your next special event, you can leave the specifics to us—since temporary heating is what we do!

BABFAR Brings Warmth to Special Events

We provide a vast selection of indirect fired oil heaters for a multitude of events including tented graduations, weddings, galas of all kinds, community and company events, movie sets, and so much more. In fact, when the Boston Marathon needed heat and ventilation for tents at the finish line, it was BABFAR they counted on.

Regardless of the size or scope of your function—even emergency heating situations—our indirect fired oil heaters will fulfill your temporary heating requirements safely and efficiently.

Customized Full-Service from Start to Finish… Guaranteed

Dedicated to providing new and returning customers with personalized heating services is the heart of BABFAR; this starts with evaluating which Indirect Fired Oil Heater rental will best suit your special event needs. Our highly knowledgeable team will select the best option that will heat the size of your event space while meeting the requirements for voltage, weight, and duct needs. Indirect Fired Oil Heaters are even easy to setup for a weekend and then break down at the end.

As a full-service company, BABFAR will have a temporary heating specialist technician on standby during the entirety of your special event rental, and if mechanical troubles should arise, we will provide the service to fix it on the spot.

BABFAR’s nearly fifty years of expertise in temporary heating, combined with our high-quality heating units, ensure that your guests will be warm and comfortable—without unwanted fumes, odors or disruptive noises. We guarantee it.

Indirect Fired Oil Heater Solutions from BABFAR

The BABFAR Difference: Quality We Control Sets Us Apart

Often it is what you don’t see that can make the difference when it comes to high quality temporary heating solutions. That is why BABFAR only uses the highest quality indirect fired oil heaters designed and built to ensure that positive pressurization, fresh air supply, and reliable temperature control are consistently maintained throughout use.

These four essential functions are instrumental in ensuring safety and environmental control. To break it down simply:

  • Positive pressurization cuts back on the number of airborne contaminants that make their way through the heaters, helping to keep your air cleaner.
  • Because combustion is contained in a burn chamber, the exhaust is vented through a stack on the heater and is then isolated from the heated air that is being delivered into the building.
  • Fresh outdoor air cuts down on the amount of carbon monoxide build-up that is often found with heaters that operate using indoor air.
  • And, reliable temperature control will keep the event space at a comfortable and constant temperature, despite what the temperature is outdoors.

Below are options for indirect fired oil heaters currently offered by BABFAR. Use the columns to compare stats and select the model best suited for your event space.

ModelIDF 2T
Maximum BTU500,000
Discharge Temperature250º F
Fuel#2 Oil
Duct Size12″

Need assistance with selecting the correct model? Give us a call, and one of our professional team members will be happy to assist!