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BABFAR Employee Spotlight – Dale Lambirth, Service Manager

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At BABFAR, we’re committed to customer care, and each day we strive to raise the bar in the temporary heating industry. Our dedication to our clients sets us apart from the competition, as each of our employees remains focused on customer needs unlike any other provider on the market. As a family-owned company, we also take pride in our reputation, and we only onboard team members who align with our goals and future visions. With that in mind, we are posting an Employee Spotlight series. Here, we’ll feature one of the valued members of our team and give you a chance to get to know them and the talents they bring to our operation. We know that a team that grows and expands is also one that thrives. We want to continue to grow that trust and loyalty with our customers to exceed expectations.

Today We Introduce Dale Lambirth, Service Manager

Dale Lambirth is a Service Manager for BABFAR. He uses his unique set of soft skills and sense of humor to build and maintain relationships with customers, both new and old. Dale relies on the high-quality products and services at BABFAR when offering customized heating solutions. He started his journey almost by accident as he had heard from a friend about the opportunities at BABFAR. After working within positions, such as yard helper, working in deliveries, field service and sales, he continued to develop into the dependable and productive Service Manager he is today. Being a long-term member who has worked multiple positions within the BABFAR company, he understands the important roles and responsibilities each member fulfills and the level of collaboration required to serve customers. There are many things Dale appreciates by being an employee at BABFAR. First of all, one can count on no two days being alike. Something different comes up regularly to challenge staff to create new solutions for the problems that customers may be facing. In addition, there is a great deal of friendly camaraderie within the BABFAR team but the main focus remains on completing the job and delivering an exceptional level of customer service. Many team members and colleagues appreciate talking with Dale, benefiting from his years of expertise, as well as down-to-earth and amusing personality. Dale hails from Millis, Massachusetts and understands the unique heating needs affecting those in the Northeast of the country. Snow, wind and chilling temperatures can make it challenging for contractors to properly heat a jobsite or address a heater malfunction. As a service manager, Dale excels at clearly communicating with others and helping them to understand how temporary heating products and services can address their current issues. Dale continues to exceed expectations as a member of the BABFAR team and is an example of the opportunities for advancement within BABFAR for dedicated and hard-working employees.


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