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Construction Site Positive Pressurization

How Positive Pressurization Improves Heating Efficiency & Safety

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When you place a heating unit outside an enclosure, heat gets distributed throughout the space via positive pressurization. Strategically positioned openings use airflow to disperse heat, secure a safe air change, and remove moisture.

Let’s review the primary benefits of positive pressurization and why each is important. But first, let’s discuss precisely what positive pressurization is and why it is so important.

Heating Unit Placed Inside an Enclosure
Heating Unit Placed Inside an Enclosure: Heat does not distribute through space. External wind pressure may produce nominal airflow. Air is recirculated, which raises safety concerns.
Positive Pressurization
Heating Unit Placed Outside an Enclosure: Heat is distributed through space through positive pressurization. Strategically placed openings use airflow to distribute heat, remove moisture and ensure a safe air change.

What is Positive Pressurization?

According to Merriam-Webster, positive pressure is a pressure that is greater than atmospheric pressure. Simply put, the air pressure inside a structure is higher than outside air pressure.

Basically, in a positive pressure system, excess air escapes through openings in the system into the surrounding environment. The most common application for positive pressurization is in hospital settings to help keep airborne microorganisms from infecting vulnerable patients.

Another common use case for positive pressurization is the removal of hot air and circulation of cold air in data center computers and servers. Construction projects use positive pressure as a cost-efficient way of distributing heat.

Contractors have temporary heating rental equipment placed to remove moisture from enclosures and provide a safe working environment.

Benefits of Positive Pressurization and Why it Matters

When you place heating units or industrial air movers inside an enclosure, the heat does not get distributed throughout the space. External wind pressure can produce insufficient airflow.

Furthermore, positive air pressure keeps outside air out. When you keep a building at a slight positive air pressure, your HVAC system continually pushes air outwards.

When it comes to positive versus negative pressure, you get a comfortable stream of air with positive airflow. In contrast, negative air pressure continuously sucks outside air into the building, acting as a vacuum. It also leads to poor IEQ.

Efficient Airflow & Heating

Positive air pressure is more efficient and lowers energy costs. One way to reduce excess energy usage is to install temporary heaters on a winter project for a start.

If you do not make considerations for airflow, heating is ineffective and costly. To heat any given space, especially one with walls or other obstructions, you must pay attention to how the hot air gets distributed.

You could install additional heating units. However, this is costly. You may need multiple units inside an enclosure to reach trouble areas. All of this will increase setup and fuel costs.

Leverage simple physics with positive pressurization to guarantee proper airflow and distribute heat more effectively.

Increase Safety

In the state of Massachusetts, OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) recommendation for carbon monoxide (CO) is 35 parts per million (ppm). Positive pressurization prevents hazardous materials like carbon monoxide from reaching dangerous levels.

Experts recommend placing heating units outside of specific structures. Also, keep in mind that an air change in a temporary enclosure should take place every one to two hours for improved safety measures and to ensure IEQ.

Defense Against Humidity & Moisture

A continuous flow of fresh air is the best protection against moisture and humidity. Positive air pressure is essential for preventing moisture buildup from damaging materials or causing project delays. You don’t want to add more heat to a heat-related problem. Instead, you must improve airflow!

The BABFAR Difference

If you need to create a positive pressurized environment, the temporary heating equipment specialists at BABFAR can help.

At BABFAR, we have industry-leading heating and air moving solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. (Check out our previous rental projects to see how we can help you improve the IEQ of your buildings no matter the project.)

What sets us apart from our competition? The BABFAR difference!

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