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Preventative Maintenance Gives Katz Group Peace of Mind

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This past winter was the first time Katz Group used Babfar temporary heating units. The developer needed large units to heat a three-story, 15,000 ft2 building in Portsmouth, NH. As with all projects, Babfar calculated the heating requirements, sized units, and planned airflow to heat the entire building effectively. But, one thing surprised Greg Phipps, Site Supervisor, at Katz Group shortly after the units were installed. “One day I noticed someone on site near the heaters,” recalls Phipps.  He soon learned that a Babfar field technician stopped by to check the units. “I didn’t expect preventative maintenance service.” Babfar includes this proactive service with all temporary heater rentals. “With other companies, you only see them when you have an issue. When something goes wrong, you call them.” Preventative maintenance on temporary heaters prevents downtime. It’s a significant value-add that Babfar offers. “Just think of the impact a delay can have on a construction interest loan—it can be tens of thousands of dollars,” says Phipps. Never mind the other costs like labor, damaged materials, and rescheduling contractors. Each week during the winter, a Babfar technician visited Phipps’ Middle Hill Development site to ensure both heaters continue to work properly. Maintenance visits included:
  • Confirm the correct output temperature of each temporary heater
  • Make sure the units are cycling correctly between low fire and high fire.
  • Check the belts that drive the blower to make sure they’re not worn or misaligned
  • Confirm the units have enough electrical power
As the site change regularly, the techs also check:
  • Make sure everything is running as planned, overall
  • Check the duct going to the building, make sure that there are no obstructions
  • Look at the fuel supply levels to ensure adequate fuel
  • Check that frost buildup on propane lines are in the correct place
  • Survey the area to make sure the heaters are clear from dangers like trash piling up around it
  • Visit with the site foreman to make sure they are happy with the heater performance and get an update on the project schedule

“The preventative maintenance service is a nice plus with Babfar. They are the experts. They know what to look for,” says Phipps. “For me, it was reassuring. It gave me peace of mind.” Knowing that the heaters were taken care of, allowed Phipps to focus on other priorities. Most importantly, Katz Group didn’t have a single incident. Routine preventative maintenance ensured both heaters did their job all winter long—and it was a long one!


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