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Total Cost of Temporary Heating Rental

Temporary Heating Program

Written by Babfar on . Posted in Whitepapers

TCR Methodology

Summer is over. It’s time to think about the winter ahead and reserve temporary heating units for your next project.

Existing BABFAR temporary heating customers know that choosing the best heating rental for their project is not as simple as comparing BTU and price. But new customers often need help. So, BABFAR created the Total Cost of Renting (TCR) methodology to help customers make comparisons between different types of heater rentals.

Of course, the first step in the TCR methodology is comparing the rental cost of temporary heating units. Since the rental cost only represents 5% to 10% of the total cost of renting, it’s just the first step. Saving a few bucks on the temporary heating rental cost does not mean you will save money this winter. Overlooking other costs, means you will likely spend more!

“Temporary heat is an important part of the overall equation,” says Sean Kelly, Project Manager at LJ Coppola Mechanical Contractors. “Often people just wing it. They get the least expensive heating rental unit. Then they wonder why their building is cold during winter.”

To get a complete picture, other costs need to be considered, including installation costs, operational costs, and support costs.

  • Installation costs: Labor, ancillary equipment, and heavy machinery can make up another 5% of the TCR.
  • Operational costs: This is where you incur costs. Different types of fuel have different costs. Different heaters have different levels of heat output and fuel-efficiency. Operational costs can be 80% to 85% of the TCR and should be reviewed carefully.
  • Support costs: Review the service level agreements offered with different heaters. Some vendors will charge for service. Others include service, and even offer up-front design service along with a maintenance program.

“Temporary heat is much more than simply renting a standalone heater,” notes Kelly, who recently used seven BABFAR temporary heating units while building an addition on a hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY. “Temporary heat is a program, not a product. From up-front design, heat output, to preventative maintenance, there is a lot more to consider, if you want to get it right.”

Please download the Use the Total Cost of Renting (TCR) Methodology to Compare True Costs of Temporary Heaters white paper, which includes a worksheet to compare different heating units.


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