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Liquid Propane Heaters – The Bolder and Better Choice

Written by Babfar on . Posted in News

As the rest of the propane heater industry zigs, BABFAR zags.

Vapor propane heaters have become temporary heating companies’ preferred offering due to lower costs. However, this is not what is best for the customer.

Some might call us a little crazy, but at BABFAR, we are firm believers that liquid propane heaters are truly the most cost-effective option – especially after considering vapor withdrawal operation costs and increased storage requirements.

Most customers don’t realize that vapor propane costs more for the contractors, which ultimately means more costs for you. However, when you rent a liquid propane heater through BABFAR, the total costs of rental are transparent and entirely focused on saving you money. Take comfort in knowing these are the total costs instead of only upfront costs: no hidden fees, no ambiguity.

BABFAR stands out because we continue to provide you with liquid propane heaters we are proud of. For 50 years, liquid propane heaters have been our customers’ best temporary heating option – and here’s why.

How Liquid Propane Heaters Provide Superior Value

Vapor propane heaters simplify business for the temporary heating companies that offer them, but what about the customers?

The truth is vapor heaters are hindered by several factors that make them inefficient for the customers they are supposed to serve. The following list highlights how liquid propane heaters provide the best value for those still on the fence:

  • Costs: The costs associated with vapor heaters, including the actual vaporizing, additional piping, storage, etc., make liquid propane heaters the more appealing choice. Many vaporizers burn up to two gallons of propane per hour. In a 16-week heating season, one vaporizer can burn up to 5,300 gallons of propane, which in turn burns up more money from your pocket. Liquid propane eliminates the need for all those extra expenses.
  • Hassle: Vapor heaters require more from contractors. Additional propane tank storage is needed, making a busy job site more congested. If sites do not have storage space, the heater installation will require a vaporizer that is more involved and adds extra costs, fuel consumption, and maintenance for contractors to keep in mind. This certainly does not help productivity and efficiency.
  • The BABFAR Difference: Choosing a liquid propane heater isn’t just pragmatic, it also comes with the added benefit of receiving BABFAR’s outstanding service, commitment, and loyalty. The customer is always the top priority, and BABFAR’s preference for liquid propane heaters – relative to the competition – is done solely to better our customers.

When you stack it up like this, liquid propane has clear advantages over vapor propane. Go with the best choice. Choose the confidence of BABFAR and liquid propane heaters.

Liquid Propane Is the Heater That Works for You

The shift by temporary heating companies toward vapor heaters has come at the expense of the customers. BABFAR works tirelessly against that shift by placing our customers’ interests first and providing tried-and-true service.

Liquid propane heaters offer the best value for those in need of a temporary heater due to less associated costs and greater efficiency in operation and maintenance. BABFAR’s track record with liquid propane heaters speaks for itself, as does our reputation in the industry.

BABFAR sides with the contractors and customers every time. This is the side you will find to best suit your temporary heating needs.

Request a quote from the temporary heating specialists at BABFAR today and receive a response within 24 hours.


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