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Seasonal Heater Rentals vs Mother Nature

Written by Babfar on . Posted in News

Renting temporary heating equipment on a monthly basis to save money is like gambling with Mother Nature. If we have a short winter, heater rental costs will be low. If we have a long winter, costs will be high. But how can you predict the weather?BABFAR customers never have to roll the dice because they rent temporary heaters by the season. The rental fee for all sizes of propane and natural gas heaters is capped after three consecutive months. Steam, hot water, and oil heaters have a five-month cap. Once the cap is reached, customers can keep the heating units as long as they need them.Here’s how it works: If a customer rents a temporary heating unit for one month, they pay for one month. If they rent for two months, they pay for two months. After the third month, though, it’s theirs for the season!The cap helps project managers keep to their budget. There are no surprise rental costs if winter decides to come early or stay later than planned. The only variable cost is fuel, which is dictated by the weather anyway.Seasonal heater rentals also provide flexibility. BABFAR customers don’t wait until it gets cold to bring heating units on site. Since rental costs are capped, there’s no reason to not set up units early. When temperatures eventually do drop and heat is needed, BABFAR customers just flip a switch. Contractors who choose a monthly rental, scramble to schedule delivery of their units with other month-to-month renters.And don’t worry about the heating units getting “stale” when taking delivery early. BABFAR provides a preventative maintenance service throughout the entire season to ensure heating units run smoothly. So, temporary heating units that are installed early, but not used, will be ready when they are needed.Many contractors try to forecast the weather to avoid paying for idle rental units. Why wait? With a seasonal heater rental, you can take your temporary heating units early and be ready.Of course, if you’re the gambling type, you could try your luck with Mother Nature.


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