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The Most Important Consideration When Choosing a Temporary Heater at Holdsworth Klimowski

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BABFAR Temporary Heater

Who better to ask about choosing temporary heaters than someone who has been in the construction business for more than 30 years? Tapping into that kind of experience, Larry, a Construction Superintendent at Holdsworth Klimowski, shares his thoughts on selecting heating units.

“Of course you want reliability and serviceability,” Larry says. He opts for heaters that are simple to set up, use, and maintain. Larry has been known do minor repairs over the phone with Babfar. “I worry less about materials or the building freezing if I know that I can get a technician on the first call and, if needed, that they’ll be on site within the day.”

How Can You Tell if You’ll Have Support if Something Goes Wrong?

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BABFAR Support Vehicle

In recent posts, such as Use the Total Cost of Renting (TCR) Method when Shopping for Temporary Heaters, we provide helpful tips on choosing a temporary heater that meets your needs and budget. We encourage readers to look beyond temporary heater rental costs (which may only be a couple of hundred dollars per month) to installation costs, fuel efficiency, heat output, and service costs when choosing heating equipment.

Myths, Moisture and Carbon Monoxide Related to Recirculating Hot Air

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recirculating indoor heaters There’s a question that seems to come up every winter. And every year, since Babfar was founded in 1969, our answer has been the same.Customers ask about using heaters inside an enclosure. (Please visit our blog post Do You Prefer the Fuel Efficiency of a Direct-Fired Heater or the Safety of an Indirect-Fired Heater? What if You Could Have Both? to learn more about the different types of heaters).
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