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Temporary Heating & Contractor News

6 Advantages of Renting From a Temporary Heating Specialist

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BABFAR Heating Difference

Companies, pressured to get bigger and bigger, often use acquisitions as a growth strategy. This is true in the temporary heating industry, too. There have been acquisitions, such as Tioga’s purchase of Reliable Air or Sunbelt Rentals picking up Topp Portable Air. Recently, it was announced that Temp-Air was also purchased by Sunbelt Rentals.  That’s fine by us and by our customers. For 50 years, we have been the temporary heating specialist offering many contractor services. For a number of reasons, customers have come to (and stayed with) BABFAR, including:

The Most Important Consideration When Choosing a Temporary Heater at Holdsworth Klimowski

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BABFAR Temporary Heater

Who better to ask about choosing temporary heaters than someone who has been in the construction business for more than 30 years? Tapping into that kind of experience, Larry, a Construction Superintendent at Holdsworth Klimowski, shares his thoughts on selecting heating units.

“Of course, you want reliability and serviceability,” Larry says. He opts for heaters that are simple to set up, use, and maintain. Larry has been known to do minor repairs over the phone with BABFAR. “I worry less about materials or the building freezing if I know that I can get a technician on the first call and, if needed, that they’ll be on site within the day.”